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Welcome to Dan Englund Custom Home Builder, where craftsmanship meets vision. Since 1999, our family-owned legacy has been crafting dream homes. Explore timeless designs, experience quality, and let’s start a journey to build the home you’ve always imagined.

Rooted in tradition and commitment, Dan Englund Custom Home Builder values craftsmanship, integrity, and personalized service. Our family legacy ensures your dream home is built with passion and excellence.

Since 1999

Henning Englund. My grandfather was only sixteen when he left Sweden and crossed an ocean to come here. A tool & die maker, he made things—my first angel.

I’ve always considered myself lucky. I knew from my earliest memories what I was supposed to be in life.

I was ten years old when the neighbor lady across the street asked me what I wanted to be. Too young to know about stair building, I answered without hesitation: a custom cabinet and home builder.

Our story is one of dedication, craftsmanship, and a commitment to turning dreams into architectural marvels. Each project reflects the Englund legacy, blending tradition with innovation. Join us on a journey of timeless homes and personalized spaces, where your vision becomes a reality in every meticulously crafted detail.

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Start your dream home journey with Dan Englund Custom Home Builder. Let’s bring your vision to life. Contact us and start building the home you’ve always imagined.

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Explore the pinnacle of craftsmanship with Dan Englund, a Custom Home Builder. Dive into our latest projects, where timeless design meets innovation. Witness excellence in every detail of our creations.

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